Empowering ski racers and students to achieve athletic success and academic excellence

Founded in 1920 by a small group of passionate local skiers and incorporated in 1934, Mt. Mansfield Ski Club (MMSC) is one of the oldest ski racing organizations in America. We offer athletic programs for a wide range of individuals from seven year olds to high school students and postgraduates. These programs are designed to provide athletes with a stimulating and enjoyable opportunity to become excellent skiers, to help them reach their potential as competitors, and most importantly to foster a lifelong love of the sport while teaching the values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

We also offer unparalleled academics at Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy (MMWA) for students in grades 7 through 12 as they pursue competitive ski racing. Students from New England and beyond come to us for our highly individualized winter program in Stowe, Vermont. We help our student-athletes grow to be independent, responsible, respectful, and confident as they set their sights on future goals in academics, ski racing, and limitless other pursuits.

A message from our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Mt. Mansfield Ski Club & Academy would like to announce to our families, staff and supporters that we will be reorganizing our management structure and establishing a new Executive Director position to lead our club and academy. We believe strongly that this structure – including the new leadership role along with our Academic and Athletic Directors – will best support the continued success of the organization. With this structure, we believe we can improve and focus leadership, fundraising, and business practices to support the education and athletics we offer for all of our student-athletes. Candidates for this position are expected to come from both inside and outside of our organization.

During the last few years, the Board has merged three separate organizations with three Boards into one entity with one Board of Directors. The past entities were in existence or developed over many years extending back to 1934. The current Board recently approved the construction of a new 10,000 foot academic building to complement the recently built gym and improve our organization’s facilities.

This restructuring is by no means a reflection of our dedicated academic and athletic staff. They all work extremely hard in challenging conditions. We thank them for their continued efforts, and we look forward to this new and exciting chapter.

Terry McNabb

President, Board of Directors