Academic Overview

Unique in the world of elite ski academies

Our school is unique in the small world of elite ski academies in that we operate only for the winter-term rather than the full academic year. Our students live at home and attend their “regular” school until mid-November. Then they join us, ski and go to school in Stowe all winter, and return to their home school at the ski season’s conclusion in early April. Because our students come from different schools and are enrolled in different courses, all our classes are taught in a one-on-one setting. While here, students stay current with their classes so that they have a seamless return home in April.

Unlike other ski academies that offer no advanced classes or limited electives, our academic program is individually tailored to each student’s home-school curriculum. We offer virtually every high school course imaginable. In recent years we’ve taught nearly a dozen AP courses, all levels of electives in the arts and sciences, and French, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Chinese languages. Our format also allows kids to remain active in other endeavors that their home school can provide (musical groups, theater, other sports), and avoid the limitations of attending a ski academy in the off-season. We have worked with over 50 schools, both public and private across the Eastern US and Canada. We enjoy a positive reputation and make it our business to accommodate our students and their home school’s academic program. We welcome feedback, modifying aspects of our program to satisfy the concerns and needs of each sending-school teacher.

Academics are always a priority

Good academic standing is always required to participate in athletics. Students are expected to maintain no lower than a B- average in all course work while attending the academy. Each student is assessed on a monthly basis with Progress Reports sent to parents and sending-schools. Grades are given at the end of each quarter and submitted to the sending-school. When our students graduate from high school they have the same diploma and transcript as their classmates at home, but a world of experience that their peers do not.

The curriculum is based on what is presented in the sending school classroom, but our teachers are fully responsible for course content, daily lesson plans and activities. We go well beyond a typical tutorial program. Our setting allows for a great deal of freedom in lesson planning. Teachers are expected to take full advantage of our one-one-one format and use all tools available to them, including fieldwork, Stowe community resources and experiential learning.