NCAA Parking and Spectating


Limited parking is available at MMSC’s Clubhouse Lot. This lot will fill quickly. Additional parking is located across the street in the resort’s main Mansfield Lot. After parking, spectators should ride the Over Easy Gondola and walk across Spruce Plaza to the roundabout on Hourglass Drive. From there, shuttles will bring spectators to Mt. Mansfield Ski Club.

There is no food service at the Mt. Mansfield Ski Club building. All food service is in the Spruce Camp base area. Teams are welcome to bring food to Mt. Mansfield Ski Club, please be respectful and clean up after yourself!


To access the Main Street race venue, spectators are asked to use designated pedestrian access trails. We ask that spectators please DO NOT walk on ski trails, to avoid dangers to themselves and the skiing public. Spectator areas will be set up in the finish areas for both the Slalom and GS. Because of the undulating terrain on Main Street, the entire trail is not visible from any one location. These designated areas provide the best viewing opportunities for pedestrian spectators. An additional viewing area at Crosscut 2 is available to spectators on skis. Please do not attempt to walk to this upper area. Thank you!

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